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Enjoy technology that makes life easier.

Our IT support and A/V systems provide user-friendly solutions for business leaders and homeowners in the Lafayette, Indiana area.

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Many businesses struggle with mismanaged technology and poorly designed audio/video systems.

These problems can cause unexpected downtime, communication challenges, and subpar sound and video.

But you shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of your sound, video, or technology while trying to lead your organization.

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Choosing a reliable technology partner will help you:


Prevent system downtime.

Keep your business going instead of worrying about dissatisfied employees or customers.


Improve communication.

Easily connect with your team and clients using exceptional technology, sound, and video.


Make life easier!

Eliminate everyday frustration with our user-friendly IT, A/V, and smart home solutions.


You don’t have to manage IT, sound, or video on your own.

With our professional IT support and A/V systems, you can:

Streamline tasks in your organization.

Prevent communication challenges.

Enjoy incredible sound and video.

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Make life easier with our user-friendly solutions:

IT Solutions

Streamline tasks, limit downtime, and keep customers and employees happy with professional IT management.

A/V Systems

Enjoy incredible sound, video, and presentation quality with an A/V system that’s designed with your organization in mind.

Smart Home Solutions

Give your home an upgrade with exceptional sound and video, automated lights and locks, or strategic WiFi network design.


It’s easy to work with us:

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Stop putting up with technical difficulties and rude IT guys!

Many organizations struggle with managing IT and finding a user-friendly solution for their sound, video, and presentation needs. When your devices, projectors, or sound systems fail to perform like you need them to — or when IT support talks down to you every time you call for help — it can cause miscommunication and lots of frustration.

But when you rely on us for professional IT and A/V management (and friendly customer support), you can be sure that your devices and systems will work exactly as they should.

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We built Sound Advice with employees who love helping others and just happen to be good with technology. Since 1991, we’ve assisted homeowners and business leaders in managing their IT, improving their sound and video quality, and setting up smart home automation.

Unlike other companies, we won’t talk down to you or try to sell you anything you don’t need. Instead, we’ll listen to your needs, communicate clearly, and help you understand your options. Then, you can choose the user-friendly tech solution that’s right for your performance needs, design preferences, and personal or business budget.

Ready to enjoy quality IT support and A/V system management?

  • Contact us for a consultation.
  • Discuss your needs with us.
  • Choose your IT or A/V solution.


  • Peter R.
    Always on time. Always professional. They are incredibly knowledgeable and won't try to sell you anything you don't need. I cannot say how highly I would recommend Sound Advice.
    Peter R.
  • Lori S.
    The absolute best in town by far! Customer service and knowledge of all things electronic help me, a very computer illiterate customer, feel safe knowing they have things under control. Outstanding!!!
    Lori S.
  • Kaleena T.
    Hands down the best tech support! Also, I love to support another local business. Every single person I have worked with at Sound Advice has been quick to respond to our business needs and has never failed to provide us with a solution the first time. Never have we had to have them come back for the same issues.
    Kaleena T.
  • Lori Y.
    Brian and his team are amazing! They are professional, knowledgeable, responsive, efficient, and honest. I highly recommended them for computers as well as home theaters.
    Lori Y.

Learn about our IT service levels to decide which would work best for your home or business needs.

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Ready for reliable sound, video, and technology?