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Help your congregation focus on worship, not A/V issues.

Bring exceptional sound quality to your church, temple, or mosque with our A/V systems for places of worship.


You’ll love leading worship with a great sound system.

We’ll set up speakers, microphones, and video distribution devices so everyone will be able to see and hear you.

Read about past A/V projects to learn how we can help you engage your congregation and guide them in worship.

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Rossville Presbyterian Church

New Projectors

Rossville Presbyterian Church was ready to provide their congregation with an even better audio/video experience to aid them in worship — and we were happy to help.

Our team installed projectors and screens were installed to help the congregation see content clearly, even with sunlight pouring in on Sunday mornings. We also updated the screens to current aspect ratio standards, and we modernized the projectors to the newest available technology for an instant-on experience.

Finally, we installed an HDMI distribution system with new cabling as an update to the church’s old VGA distribution system. This allows worship leaders to share 4K content on the screens when necessary.

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Enjoy an amazing, easy-to-use A/V system in your place of worship.