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Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA)

Conference Room 115

SIA’s Conference Room 115, a multi-purpose room with a single projector, needed some serious updates to allow for international video conferencing. Our team was excited to take on this challenge and provide SIA with a user-friendly, effective solution.

We installed two separate 2x2 video walls and three other displays into a newly constructed wall so that all displays could sit flush. Our team also installed mics and speakers into the ceiling so that any participant could hear the conference call clearly, no matter where they were sitting in the room.

We added cameras to the front and back of the room that automatically track the presenter wherever they walk in the room. And two new touchscreens allow for dozens of configurations with only a few button presses. Finally, we installed a wireless presentation system so anyone could come into the room and share their laptop screen on any of the displays.

Training Center Displays

SIA’s Training Center computer lab presented viewing challenges for employees, but we worked with the SIA team to design a display system that met their needs with exceptional picture and video quality.

We installed 10 displays with mirrored images in the Training Center computer lab for excellent viewing angles no matter which computer a person is sitting at or using.

Purdue Federal Credit Union (PEFCU)


PEFCU had remodeled their facility and moved their boardroom to a new floor. With these exciting changes came a few challenges with moving their audio/video system, but we helped PEFCU get incredible sound quality while simplifying the A/V transition.

We were able to run new cabling exactly where they wanted it to support all of their A/V technology needs. A single touchscreen now controls the projector, room volume, and lighting. And microphones sit in front of every chair around the table for crystal-clear audio during teleconferences and board meetings.

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